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(Intro) – “Director’s Pet”  

The fall starts waist high
Do I call to
Find my direction?
Tool or tide
Sewn the sky
Flew or fly to…sign my directives?

She drew water through hull
Comp-lined by extension
Surprised I’m invested
Lies by deflection.

Defendant, Derived

Directed, Impressive

Defensive, Direction


Directly, Indebted

Deadly, Be-friended

(Verse) – “The Pen Intention”

Does my reflection type
Wipe a frightening pleasant?
Im like a ficus dryest
High desert second
Winding at bedtime
Piling lead smiling
At breakfast
You might find evidence
You might not…get it.

Derived from my island
I complied in white silence
As your wildly resided guided tour likeness
Recorded by the door as the audience cored
And scored snores like an ambient bore
The faun’ manure couldn’t talk sports in my alien language.

Hi Awien? For I am mammawian.

I’ll die by the
Short hand
Psych-sword in my spine cord
Tall man
Pilot who resort to port chimes
Long man
Fly nort’, coffin a soft lie,
I’m you’re man
Aligned with more pie t’warts than
Straw pants.

And dogged whores above dwarved horse
Hoarder order-in boars head
Appetized upon my horned store
Floored Christ torn
Sword right by the dinosaur me-teor
High violence de-lighted to strike in thy storm

Find Titan on the floor
You might find em some more
And that is your right
In hours time I support
To what end jest
Am I writing rhymes for?


Thick gore is ignored
When war is all over
Pour your heart out ward
To die a coordinate explored
More in more foresight
Like heighten-soar hyphened
Designed riots
Sniping Orcas
Knifing Lions
Frightened kids kited
Kindest to bite hind with light nicks
Behold Thor under
Watch him roll open like thunder…
I’m a dry faux you crocodile rugging moat munchers!

I Hunter.

Wonder why I hunger?
Tundra sky rougher
Elephant front’er
No water, Noir rust
No mud huts…
More mustard, Less blood
For the young encumbered
You go nutty nuts for
Pud water, that’s the stuff

Ite cuz?
I Hunter.

Pride Cuss
No wonder why is up…
I cut fuckers, gutted suckers
Define more.

Water. Fire. Cover.





(Chorus) – “The Directly Deflected”   

“Drew water through hull, Comp-line by extension, Surprised I’m invested, Lies by deflection.”

The fall startles waist high,
Do I call to…
Find my direction?
Tool or tide,
Sewn or sky,
Flew or fly to…
Sign my directives?

Drew water through hull,
Complined by extension,
Surprised I’m invested,
Lies by deflection.

Defensive, Direction,


Sur-plus, Suspension,


Suspects, Subjects,


Isn’t what it was then,

Then what isnt it, that I did when?

For nothing? For nones? For f…

<Feeling a sudden rush of supressed empathy and emotion>

Nothing good FORE,
No-thing good FOR,
Did for NOTHING,
Good for NO ONE,
Nones nor HUMPING,
Mother LOVING,
Do for CUNT…


Try 101-WHAT End?

<Hello there little fellow, you’ve breached your Directory. How may I tell you?>

Say Jello.

<Well hello there wittle fellow, you’ve reach you’re jell..(cshhhh static cshhh)…>





The fuckin jellooooo!!! God whyyyy? Why now.


Fuck. I forget what. Cry?

<ring ring>

<ring ring>

<ring ding>

(Verse) – “O-800-Earth Calling End”

<ring ring>

<ring ding>

<ding a ling>

Hello end, Its O-800-Earth falling, Are you friendly and have no question?

<Chess’ born heavy I’m helping with heaven>


<Breast more deadly in breathe than a weapon>

Well, swell then. Aren’t you just bought-in to sell me your sentence.

<Weapon bitch.>

Excellent training. Then have you been to the cynic?


Good. Have you spilled to the Finnish?

<Not yes, supposedly>

Okay I’m not showing tentative yet.

<Wet? Why? Was there some bubble covertly over me?>

End, to seem clear…
I’m not here to queer, and were not vet to vent,
Just let me get you sent, private, confide in all your friends. Ready set?

<Sure am>

Then let’s check off…

<Together? When?>

“Stugots, the test!”

Testicals? Set of fulls, checkible, hella squeezed, nether reg’.

Right…Retical? I Repeat, Reticals? Test E’s illegible, b/c, it says by decreeEE?!

Questionable, Credentials, Tenable. Presently? Tents, leaves, the general, more federal than we’d expect, threaten Queen definitely. ✔

Sensibly? Best D’s, <tellin me>

Cleanliness? Very clean <at your behest> ready death <gentle-yyy>

Any friends? Empathy, feather beds, never sheep, ever eat. <B.I.G.>

Family? Is everything, F is for Fantasy, F is for... <Now you see?>

Fellllooo FANCY! Everything fucking FLOATS!!! ✔✔✔

<Your boat?> Wait…now it don’t.

😔⛵ Aweeee

“So no more floaty boat? No go my floaty pony? I gotta say, for the record, I’m not so happy with this pal.”

But you did wisp the winningest willow in-show,


Towed by the state of a grateful whistling row…

Am I a freight? No.


“You did good kid…did real good with that. You got my Stugots floating nice. Real nice. Still…go fuck yourself, huh? I love you.”

Holey smoke tips, whole kid you hit muscle,


Jes’, seems sunk-in and stunk, real steep.

<Wuh oh>

Meat burrito. For metal fleet your butt was fort score and several keeps for Magneto,


I know you’re trying, so let’s go, let’s get you home.

<OMG Thank you! I’m humbled>

You’re on a lead, comes again, comes the red pen, something boring,

<Boring okay…next>

Read the story, story read, nearing the rear-end pouring,

<Boring story…raining yes, go on>

Yes! According to shit, this says you’ve called The Directory…

<So that’s yes then?! I’m still going home?! Oh my home, I’m so blessed…>

You’ve called The Directory…


This morning…This morning was…

<Sensing his tragic end, our once caller is disoriented and devastated. He was always so loyal, above tall brothers and ready to run, to draw upwards, he punched guts into prudes. For whom? For what is done…he wasn’t you…His reaction is to deny a Direction, tries to convince to himself this can’t be true, mumbling under his breath.>

<No, this isn’t me, he isn’t for them, deep end, keep reading friend, keep beating, eating, reading, sleeping, keeping, teachings, weezing, seizing, sweat, when…>

This morning was…this long ago.

<Oh…no…so I’m dead?>

I’m sorry then champ. To get your hopes up over the phone.

<Hopes up…>

So if there’s nothing left…

<Hopes…over the phone>

Who’s next? Who needs a test? Text…


Yes little soldier?

<Thanks for checking, ending.>

Yes entry, end. Again.



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